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Finland’s Next Top Model Season II

If you haven’t heard of Suvi Koponen you’ve been somewhere distant. Though she seems to have cooled down she still is number 14 on ranking. Though Suvi didn’t win the FNTM, she still is the most famous Finnish model right now. To be a small nation located around the arctic circle we’ve done well.
Last Monday season 2 of Finland’s next top models started. I was right in front of the TV of course. I wanted to see the first episode as I think it’s the best. Or actually the first two. Introducion is best on the first episode, in which I also enjoy from the first impressions. In the secon is the make-over. Which I just love.
Last seasons crown went to Ani, girl with piercing in hew jaw (not anymore) and huge troubles on heels. But unfotunately she has kind a disapeared since. I think there was something for Finnish Cosmopolitan and maybe -just maybe she got in Trendi (which I think is the best Finnish fashion magazine. But that’s it. I’m hoping for so much more for the winner of this season.

So the participants on season 2? Here they are.
I think she’s something. Fer casting photo was one of the best, her height is perfect, she’s not too old and she is versitile.
And she comes from the same town that my mom grow up in. Yey!
She’s my favorite at least now. Her hair is incredibly long (straight), she’s not too small. To be a model she’s quite “old” but she seems to have that something. The first challange was a fashion show and she was chosen to open it.
That’s big deal.
In real life far away from glamor. A true tomboy and she needs to train her walk. And walking in heels and then the combo. But if she learns I’ll love her. And looses those skate- clothes.
Does best in the ad (in the end of the post). Great on paper but I didn’t remember anything about her without peeking on the website.
Best casting-photo, best first impression. But she’s too short. Too sad.
She looks a lot older than she is. Doesn’t really give me any sparks.
If I would bet on the winner I’d say she’s it.


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10 thoughts on “Finland’s Next Top Model Season II

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  2. I like Essi, Inka and Suvi! :)Here in Croatia, Croatian Top Model was last year, the first season and I hope it will be this year too. But first, Croatian Idol must finnish :)

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