Did you know about this?

Leighton Meester ft. Awesome New Republic – Birthday

I had no idea Leighton Meester is this talented! The song is quite od for the first time but it sticks with you after while. Awesome New Republic is all new band for me so I added in a little info package. It’s from the band’s MySpace -where you can listen more to their music.

Awesome New Republic is a 2-piece indie band from Miami, FL comprised of core members Michael John Hancock and Brian Robertson.

MJ and B-Rob both graduated from the Frost School of Music at the University of Miami and have been cultivating their sound in “Magic City” for the past 3 years.

ANR self-released their first album ANR So Far to critical and popular acclaim in 2005. After a successful 2008 CMJ, the band headed back into the studio to complete Rational Geographic Volume I which they will be supporting and touring around for the bulk of spring. The disc will be the first in a 3 volume trilogy to be released in 2009. Volume II will be released in July and Volume III (with 3 volume bundle) in October.


This song is starting to grow strong on me.


15 thoughts on “Did you know about this?

  1. Moi =) tiesitkö että joku on tehnyt blogistasi ilmoituksen bloggeriin ja nyt joka kerta tullessani blogiin blogger kysyy haluanko tulla blogiisi sillä se saattaa sisältää kyseenalaista materiaalia… Oiskohan se tuo puolialaston bannerikuva joka on aiheuttanut moista närkästystä jossakussa… Ihmiset ei vaan tajua =)

  2. I remember she did a cover of “Bette Davis Eyes” which I didn’t really like, but I still like her as an actress.Also, you got a “content warning!” Did you know???

  3. hey juliet,sorry if i haven’t stopped by a long time, just got back from my vacay! its been soo long. missed visiting your blog!anyway, i love leighton. she’s getting a lot of flak for her singing– but i actually believe in her stuff.much loveedenhttp://chicinthetropics.blogspot.com

  4. I love this song <3 now It's on my head ahah sorry for my englishxoxo darlingP.S : i put you in my favourites links ;-)

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