Moving… decorating in my mind.

Last Monday we did a trip to Jyväskylä to check out some places , five to be certain. And though there were many lovely ones, one had more positive than the others. The bilding is quite old, but still not in a bad shape the apartment isn’t as shiny as it could be -we are students with a budget after all- but I like it. It has those proper windowsill that only old bildings have, the seelings are a bit higher than normal and bathroom is larger than we are used to.

And don’t worry I’m not going to change the blog into a inspiration only.




8 thoughts on “Moving… decorating in my mind.

  1. great that you found something you liked.. that's not easy! Did you sign for it or put your papers in for it yet ?Or do you have still apartments to see?I'm so glad it's[my apartment hunt] over and I got the whole financing thing under control… So now I'm just waiting for the moving and after that I'll start to think about trips to IKEA… I already have so much stuff..take care!

  2. Honey,I will give you a little award what you find on my blog. The awards attract a tag. Please reveal 10 interesting things about yourself.X♥X♥

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