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Rising star

We all know Suvi Koponen, but we all know also that she either has lost her interest on the fashion scene, has her head high (you know..) or has some master plan that no one else figures out. I don’t know how puplibly it is known but she is hiding. It is sad to read in the (Finnish) fashion magazines time after time how they try to get in touch with her but her agencie doens’t know where she is and she doesn’t answer on any calls or messages.But now we (Finns) can stop worrying about her. We have new face going fast to the fashion sky. Mia Frilander is 20 year old beauty with espesial eyebrowns and lips. She is a favorite of leading Finnish fashion magazine Trendi and abroad has done an editorial from Russian Vogue to Teen Vogue. On the runway this season she had the honor to walk for Louis Vuitton, Barbara Bui, Issey Miyake and Kris van Assche. Last but not the least she opened Loewe’s show.

Here followes some camera love.

In her own skin.



Hope you enjoy!


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