I am.

The lovely Janetteria has tagged me and while on that she gave me a wonderful prize. I’m going to give it to everyone who I am following, linked on my blog and everyone who is good enough to comment me.
Thank you all.

The tag’s idea was to reveal ten things about myself. I’ve done so many of these that I do promise to do my best, but I’m not saying it’s going to be any good.

1. I hate clutter. I clean all closets several times during the year. I hate to have anything dusty or irrelevant in my home.

2. My bf is a total and utter camera/photography geek. Sometimes I even wonder if he likes them more than me. Wondering if he’ll read this? :D

3. I have no control on my tiny toes. It’s sad.

4. I can talk while I breathe in and out. Without a break. Though I sound mad.

5. I love the Sookie Stackhouse novels. And am totally on Eric’s side.

6. I have a fancy camera but I use it rarely.

7. I love Finnish art based on Kalevala. It is an epic poem which Elias Lönnrot compiled from Finnish and Karelian folklore in the nineteenth century.

8. I love to bake.

9. I’m not on myspace, facebook or twitter. Never have -hope I never will. Don’t get their idea.

10. I hate comedies. Will Smith has never done anything for me. And even a sight of Jim Carrey, Eddie Murphy or Ben Stiller make me want to kill myself.



It’s now your turn!


6 thoughts on “I am.

  1. I have a fancy camera too, but I also rarely get to use it. I find that mostly other people use it to take pictures of me, for my blog! I really have no idea how to use my own camera, lol!Fun facts, though :)

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