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Wedding glam.

I’m going to a wedding today. In addition of me and my bf going my parents are on the guest list. The bride is a neighbour of my parents, but she’s a tod older than we are so I don’t really know her that well. But no matter that I am still excited as this is the first wedding I’ve been to in years. So all excited I went to Junebug wedding and went a little mad. Gone that far already I couldn’t help myself from re-checking this falls Couture bridal gowns. I love couture as we all do. Though I know that we’re going to an “ordinary” country -side wedding with all the village present held in the common celebration hall of the village. Girl needs to dream.
Chanel had Lara Stone show off the bridal, though some idiot who took the photography for did’t take any other photo of her. Well, luckly the shoes got one. But that is why the beauty shot has wrong face. I wanted to show the make-up closer as it’s not the most common for bride to choose on their wedding day.
But I sure do love the 50s inspired dress, why not show a little leg on the day? Unusual to have short dress for winter, but if you live in a area where there is no fear of actual cold (snow, ice ad all nice) I think this would work great. i would love to see this dress in actual use, though Stone is great it would be far different thig to see, well to say at random, Madonna in it.
Elie Saab

Elie got laughed at after his all white collection just after Karl’s one. Quite a coincidence.. But he’s god as what he does. Once again his bridal is the biggest and most outstanding. There’s nothing more than a girl could ask for. Though I think many asks a lot less.

Givenchy has been a favorite -with both ready to wear and couture for few seasons. I do like these dresses most. While Chanel stays as my number two. Since a little girl I’ve loved the idea of having veil on the face. I also love the detailing in the bust that both dresses have. The material seems almost to be hovering which I think is quite charming.
Jean Paul Gaultier

JPG never fails to bore. Who would have though to mix fur, see-through shoes and gladiator like dress? For a girls big day? You just got to admire the creativity that shows behind of his every collection. Repeating himself is not a danger for him. Which it is the biggest trouble for example Elie Saab. Jean Paul Gaultier does his best to make us think why not instead of why. He’s one of the best reminders in fashion to always remember educate and oerfect ourselfs.



Which one you like best?


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  1. Thanks so much for your comment sweetie! I agree it's amazing how knitwear can be both soft and tough depending how you style it. I am following your blog now you should follow mine too!

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