23 thoughts on “Farmers daughter

  1. omg i really really love your blog!im hooked! im definately going to be back reading this i know it!Im new to blogging so i sound like a total maniac loser i know. but IM SO EXCITEDDD (: i really enjoyed this blogg. and it would be cool if u could view my blog, give me some pointers? and if you like, you could follow me? that would be so cool! if not seriously DONT WOORRYY (:i like this post so much, you are such a beautiful person. your photos are so good quality i enjoyed iut. loved the shoes(:i followedx

  2. omg you are so beautiful and that comment made me so happy! of course ill do your feature! im so happy i know someone as nice as you !

  3. You are so beautiful! I love your hair, it's such a beautiful color. I love your white peep-toe shoes as well (:

  4. ok, so you were featured on a blog called all my love, and im so glad you were because you have such great style and im totally gonna follow you! im like in love with everything yourwearing in this post!

  5. The first outfit is so rock n' roll i LOVE IT. and you look amazing in that floral dress :)xoxocolormenana.blogspot.com

  6. I love these pictures! That floral dress is so perfectly Summer. It makes me want to go on a picnic and drink wine while someone plays a lute. Or something.

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