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Save RudeBoy!

Save Rudeboy 2009 campaign shot by Diana Luganski. Models: Sophie and Jonathan.
“My blood froze when I saw that little furry tangerine down there. That elevator had never ridden so bloody slow.” – Antti Asplund in August 2009
Rudeboy is a young boy cat who jumped off 6 floors from an open window to the asphalt. SAVE RUDEBOY 2009 is a charity project to raise funds to the medical costs of the surgery he had to go through so he could continue being as rude as possible.
The price of the Rudeboy tee/dress is 50 EUR. Postal and packaging costs will be added. Payment by Bank transfer or via PayPal. Please order by sending an email to
PRODUCT INFORMATION Some details of the Rudeboy tee/dress: Material 100% Cotton One size fits all. Unisex XXL-tee without sleeves. Handprinted. Wash in 40 degrees. Iron at medium setting. Do not bleach or tumble dry. Shape while wet. Rudeboy print designed by Artur Närvänen and Antti Asplund. Print assistant Anna Lemi.



The little cat is all right now, thanks for the doctors. But as the owners are just students paying the bill is more than inpossible. That’s why they need our help.
Pictures of The cat you can find at the website.


11 thoughts on “Save RudeBoy!

  1. Hi, Just ccame across you blog and really enjoyed.Please come and visit mine too, is a fashion inspired by Portobello Road, London. Hope you like it and hope to see you soon.

  2. homework on the weekend.i have no life anymore. i miss blogging *snifff*OMGG I LOVE YOU you have no idea how appy your comment made me, im litterally on verge of tears because its so nice and cuz i feel emotional today.sorry for not going on blogspot for agess and delaying this recomment thing. sorry for not talking to you sooner i feel badxxxxxxx

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