Favorite model I

Height: 179 Hips: 87cm / 2’10” Hair: dark blond
Bust: 78cm / 2’6″ Dress: 36cm / 1’2″ Eyes: blue
Waist: 55cm / 1’9″ Shoe: 38cm / 1’2″

Agencie * IMG Models




14 thoughts on “Favorite model I

  1. Her face is so strong and stunning. Thank you for the wonderful comment you left on my blog's 3rd birthday. It's people like you who motivate me to continue with the blog xxx

  2. This girl is fierce! Stumbled across your blog and I'm really liking it! I especially love your coverage on NYFW. So true about rodarte – definitely an edgier look this season. Gorgeous, nonetheless! Check out mine?

  3. hey!the only thing better than great brands is cool people wearing them!!thanks for this post!PS: its carolina herrera not caroline shes venzuelan like oscar de las renta and angel sanck=hez (and me)

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