Collection, fashion week, spring/summer 2010

Chanel made love in a barn

I loved the Chanel show. I don’t think there has been such a show during my engagement with fashion. It is incredible what they did with the props. Though Chanel never dissapoints with the show. The clothes were amazing too. I love the old movies kind of style, it is the true kind of vintage, something different in the middle of the old Hollywood glam.

Another amazing thing is the model’s choreography. I know that they never go on stage without rehearsals, but just imagine how many did they need for this one. And they did look happy and they did make me happy. I guess that is the point. I think that the depression isn’t that bad anymore, or they just don’t care. Alexander McQueen and Sonia Rykiel also did an amazing show, just as many other. So the budget can not be that tight.

I know that usually I use only’s photography with the runway show, but this seemed too huge to be put in such a small picture. So the credit goes to Dazed digital this time. I have just loved the way Paris turned out. So many amazing shows so many amazing collections. I don’t have words for the things I have in mind. It’s just pure amazement. There are still most of my favorite shows that I haven’t had time to post about. Sonia was one of my top ten, but after Alix did such a perfect post about it I’m too shy to even try. No matter what that post will outrun it. Cloé, Lanvin, Hermés, Louis Vuitton, Miu Miu, Prada and Valentino all were gorgeous with a capital G.

Who stole your heart?xxx



15 thoughts on “Chanel made love in a barn

  1. I didn't like Chanel much.. I couldn't tell why,honestly, but I saw something wrong in the whole country-orientated catwalk..

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