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Just to let you know: I don’t live in Helsinki and I never have. Don’t even live close. So I’m not the best one to speak about shopping in Helsinki so I’m just telling my favorites and where I go. But please look elsewhere for imformation as I’m no expert. Fas from it.

Department stores:


Is to me the only real department store in Finland, we do have Sokos (Mannerheimintie 9
also but it doesn’t achieve the same glamour. When compared to Primavera etc. at least. They have anything from Filippa K. to Burberry and from MAC to Korres. It’s based in the middle of Helsinki and it’s really hard to miss. Also great places to eat or just to have champaign. And they don’t have just designers in there, for student budget there is also much to find.

High Steet:

We do have H&M, Mango and Zara in Helsinki and as we all know those I’m not gona mention more of them (though to me Zara is the best thing ever).

Lindex is really affordable with considerably good quality and (it’s Swedish) all the clothes look so good and they are trendy! The accessories are something to check and as it is a chain you can easily find one just about everywhere if you just walk around in the centre.

They aren’t something I check everytime I go shopping, but nowadays they have almost all the time some Finnish designer collaboration collection. And those are so good. Though those collection are a bit priecier some times.

They are Swedish again, and propably the trendiest thing available on student budget. Though they also have the most terrible quality of all of these. But they are cheap too.

Very basic, cheap again and they do have good leggings, though they also have a lot of boring things, so you need to look out bit more for the gems. If the Vintage Stories collection happens to be on stores while you’re at please check. They’re so pretty.

Very good with jeans and party wear. Affordable and I always find something nice. They carry the Pieces accessories collection which is so pretty.

They are both on the top of my list. Vila is more affordable and Selected femme is more expensive, but they have better fabrics and quality. Both are cute, trendy and different from others.

Mecca of Finnish design. It’s our Chanel.


One of the cheapest, trendiest and most beautiful shoes that you can find. Amazing heels expecially! Really worth a visit!

They are my favorite when it comes to shoes! Mostly real leather, orgasmic heels and boots. And almost too pretty to watch. Don’t miss it out!

They have every size, every color and every style. Finnish fashion magazines often use their shoes and no matter if you like Manga or sailing you’ll find yours.

Mannerheimintie 8
00100 Helsinki

This chain has pretty shoes from converse to nice heels and from Uggs to boots.

Mannerheimintie 20
00100 Helsinki

Aleksanterinkatu 21
00100 Helsinki

Itäkatu 7 E 2
00930 Helsinki

Young designers:

Tiia Vanhatapio

Bourlesque kind of clothes so pretty and beautiful. Also a wedding dress and babies collection. My favorite.

Laivurinkatu 43,
00150 Helsinki
Open: Tue-Fri 12-18
Sat 12-16

Very 50s and feminine shoes. All sort of heels. The ones in sale are actually affordable.

Bulevardi 24
00120 Helsinki
opening times: Mon-Thu 11-18, Fri 11-17, Sat 11-15

The first Finnish designer to get into Paris fashion week just few seasons ago.

Uudenmaankatu 15
00100 Helsinki

One of the young Finnish designer gems.

Uudenmaankatu 14
00120 Helsinki
Mon-Fri 12 – 18 and Sat 11 – 16

Collaboration shop that is held by several young designers:Pisto, Miia Halmesmaa, Super Yellow, Kaksi-Två, I know why no, MNEMO, Hankala, Iloa. If you don’t have much time but still want so see some young designers this is all in one.

Iso Roobertinkatu 17-19

Open: tue-fri 12-18
sat 12-16

Maybe the biggest and most important Finnish pride. Feminine and funny at the same time. More expensive that the others.

Fredrikinkatu 45
00100 Helsinki

Leather handbags and other goods. Very gorgeous, very expensive.

Pursimiehenkatu 14
00150 Helsinki

All in one shop with young designer items and finnish design classics. Must go, even just to look at.




My favorite you designer and fake designer vintage in good condition with exelent servise.

Fredrikinkatu 16,


Play it again Sam

Finnish fashion magazine’s favorite.

Rauhankatu 2


Charity chain. Lots of goods for less.

Iso Roobertinkatu 4-6

Fredrikinkatu 36

More vintage here.


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  1. woah- that is alot of places to go! love how in depth you have gone into each place, next time im in helsinki ill have to take look at some of those place- bookmarking this page now :) haha by the way i love that quote in your header!

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