Empty bottles: Chanel Vitalumiére

I have always been a huge fan of cosmetic and makeup. It’s one of my favorite things, and actually while younger I wanted to make my career out of it rather than fashion. So no wonder that it has stayed dear to my heart. To me there’s not a thing to make my day shinyer than a new bottle of nice shampoo or nailpolish. I use stuff from pharmacy as well as Chanel and Maybelline. If the add is nice and people have said nice things about it I’ve already bought the product in my mind.So the meaning behind all this. I am starting a new lin of stories concerning cosmetics. These are not payed or in any other way commercial, I buy the stuff my self and when it’s empty I’ll post about it. I hope you like this, but if not tell me, I won’t promise to stop, but what you think is important to me and I’d like to hear it.

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Believe it or not this was only my second foundation. MY first was from Maybelline and I was 14 when I got it. So there was years between that I didn’t have one. I just didn’t need it. I had a concealer and powder and they were all I needed to get my skin look good. Now it seems that as I’m getting “older” my skin is more dry and has more red spots which I try to hide. And instead of concealor foundation has started to seem far more sensible option.

I bought this one while on tax free and the lovely lady who helped me -with poor Finnish recomended this to me. I mean, they don’t have rimmel there :D. And I do now have to admit that I have no idea what the “no foundation” idea was or came from. This product made me saw the light.

Of course there can never be too much luxury in a make-up bag and starting your day with a little amount of Chanel is never a bad idea. For my dry/sensitive skin this was a miracle. So smooth and easy to apply that I just fell in love with it from the first time. It didn’t leave a mask on my face neather did it block my bores. Moisturizing but did still absorb. It covered the bad bits, but was still transparent.

If I need to name problems it must be the hue – choice, which did reach quite fair enough to me (yeah, tell me how can I get any whiter?) The shade Iused to have (shell) worked great for me during summer, but now as we’re going towards winter it was already getting too dark. But it was the end of it anyways. And if you’re wondering about how sufficient was it I must say very. I bought it in March 2008 and it was at it’s end just few weeks ago. You do the math.

My new one is by Lancome and it’s working alright, bu I do miss my Chanel. And If I by some miracle get any more color on my face it’s the one I’ll be getting. And I just ahev to give this one full five masks (At least tell me if these are stupid).



Have you tried this one?
What did you like about it?


3 thoughts on “Empty bottles: Chanel Vitalumiére

  1. I use Chanel teint Innocence and I adore it. It looks so natural and as you mentioned it doesn't leave a mask which I love.

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