Empty bottles: Estée Lauder perfectly clean splash away foaming cleaner

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My skin is actually quite dry and sensitive. And within that sentance lays the only reason why I wouldn’t buy another bottle of this. Like the name says it made my skin perfectly clean. But as it was ment for combineted skin it made the skin around my eyes tight and dry. My boyfriend on the other hand -who has just that- thought that it was just great. Though it is just a clear foam -so it doesn’t scrub in any way- it does make clean. No matter what kind a mascara I had on it took it all away and didn’t even leave those nasty things inside my eyes.

I’d be happy to get the dry skin’s version of this on my hands cause Estée Lauder has proven to be The best cosmetic brand that there is, for me at least. And anyone who doesn’t have the dry skin that I have I think would find a lifesaver in this product. And even though this wasn’t the sensitive skin version it didn’t irritate my skin at all. I all my teens I used just pharmacy products as anything else made my whole face red as firefighters druk.




5 thoughts on “Empty bottles: Estée Lauder perfectly clean splash away foaming cleaner

  1. Yes, I have to use some cosmetic products too because of skin problems. But I hate the fact that they use animals to test most of those, it's quite hard to find a suitable product that is not tested on animals. Luckily EU is forbidding cosmetic testing on animals but they still do it all over the world.I just posted about plastic too. At some point there's no oil to manufacture plastic (hopefully soon) so why not develop new ways to pack products now. And if the oceans and the atmosphere are ruined, skin problems are the least of our problems.But I buy lots of products packed in plastic and tested on animals too. Because it's so damn hard and expensive to find anything else! It's not the consumers' fault – it's the system that's wrong.

  2. thank you very much for ur nice comments :Dand thanks for the advise . i've been having breakouts lately, so might try this product :Dmind following my blog :) ??

  3. Thanks for the review of this product. I've got a friend who's been considering it. I hope you have a great week. Cheers!

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