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The art of the Trench

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Burberry and The Sartorialist have completed an amazing collaboration. The task was that Sartorialist took many and many photographs of people wearing the Burberry trench. As you can imagine the outcome was of course amazing. And you can see it here.Founded in 1856, Burberry is a British luxury fashion company known for its distinctive black, white and red pattern. This pattern is called the haymarket check or the “Burberry classic check” and was first used as the lining for their famous trench coat. In 1880 Burberry introduced Gabardine, the breathable, weatherproof and tear proof fabric. Burberry also developed the Tielocken, the predecessor of the trench coat, which was adopted by British officers during the Boer War. 1901 Thomas Burberry created a raincoat for British army officers. Burberry’s coat became part of the service uniform of and was dubbed the “trenchcoat” by the soldiers in the trenches.

In the 40s trenches became popular as an effect by the war. And Burbery gained much competition. Though none of them lasted. Today, Burberry is the most renowned trench coat manufacturer in the world. If you ever come across an original Burberry trench while vintage shopping, hold on to it and negotiate a good deal!

This toppic hits home as I have been already a while on the look for the perfect trench coat. Unfortunately -as you may have guessed- Burberry is out of budget. But I don’t still want it to be bad quality. So above H&M prices but still way below Burberry’s hundreads and hundreads!



11 thoughts on “The art of the Trench

  1. I love how gorgeous this simple trench coat makes her look.I would love to have one! Topshop had one in exactly the same for £85, but still pretty out of my price range :) xox

  2. I know exactly what you mean about being on the hunt for the perfect trench, but not being able to afford Burberry. It sucks having to settle, Burberry does it so much better than everyone else! Great post.

  3. I am such a fan of the trench. It really is a hunt unless you want to spend a lot of money. I have had a lot of luck in the thrift stores with 70's ones.

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