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Bridal is always the best

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If you don’t know already I love bridal gowns. All the girls do, I know. But I really am obsessed. Every season I pick my favorite (Chanel -need I even say?) and my guilty pleasure is to read the bridal magazines, I don’t buy any as it would freak my boyfriend out and as it’s totally not the signal I want to give him -yet.
Anyways. Chanel seems to be doing the same thing over and over again with the bridal show. But I clearly don’t mind. However though all the depression that’s on the market I’d like to still see couture done well. If there is not much money to spend decrease the number of looks! As simple as that.
Chanel and Dior both can over do their looks, John Galliano -in my opinion- often kills them. But might be cause of the money that both Karl and John have seddled for nothing less beautiful, but a bit less avant garde. In couture I don’t mind playing with imagination. But with bridal I think classic goes longer.

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To the luck of those who would like to walk down the aisle in something that would make the granny jump there is always bridal looks that shock. My favorite of these three is definitely Alexis Mabille. Since a little girl I’ve been a utter fan of the vail and in this it’s done in a way that is modern and classic at the same time. Points there!
Jean Paul Gaultier goes mad from time to time with the looks, but I always end up loving them (after hating them at first). I guess in time of next spring I’ll be loving this look from him. But now it seems too all over the place with too much of experimental (short short dress), trendy (cut-out leggings) and just plain odd (fur in the vail) factors. But it does have a huge glamor factor also coming somewhere in there (the gold?).
And the last one of the three, I don’t think Valentino ever meant this as a bridal gown but after meeting up with some old friends last weekend and having the same old conversation about dresses etc. one  of them mentioned that if she just could she’d like to have black wedding dress. And as you can guess since then they have been popping up everywhere I look! This one I think is so lovely and romantic, completely without the “cream cake effect”. The Gothic look always works out great when hand to hand with romance.


Your pick?

7 thoughts on “Bridal is always the best

  1. ohh yesh i agree that bridal is the best .i wouldnt want dramatic stuff for my wedding . i like things to stay classic for an event that will be forever reminded . so i dont want photos that will make me go 'what the hell was i thinking back then.." :Di admitt that the valentino black one would make a great dress if it was in white ..

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