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Suvi Koponen in 2007.

Hello you,

If you yet didn’t know my school is a treasure land. For our drawing lessons our teacher walked in to the office of Trendi (the only HC fashion magazine in Finland)and asked to get copies of some old issues. Well, now we cot all the corners and closets full of them. They’re all random as they’re there to be ripped up to pieces for our inspiration boards etc. But I just couldn’t do that to this treasure I found among them. It’s the March 2007, and though I have subscribed to the magazine for years, sometimes my mother “borrowed” a magazine of mine (or did when I still lived with them) and never gave it back – I am afraid that those issues went to … breath… exhale.. paper recycling.
So be happy now as I present you a editorial of Suvi Koponen before the time of her Vogue appearances. The name of it is ” Greetings from the Future”.
Photographer: Lauri Eriksson
Styling: Henna Koskinen
Makeup / Hair: Jenny Jansson (L’Oreal)
Model: Suvi Koponen
Styling assistant: Elina Peltonen
Scanned: by me and bf.


Does anyone else miss her?
And what do you think of this? From the names I gather it was all Finn shoot, which isn’t as common as you would think.

12 thoughts on “Suvi Koponen in 2007.

  1. Thats an original editorial although I dont like it very much. Dont get me wrong I adore your blog but this editorial!

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