Best movie of the year.

It is rare to see a movie as good as 500 days of Summer. I love watching movies and have many favorites, but this one blew my mind! I love when movies are made well, when they have thought through the wardrobes, musics and sets. And in this case I have to say it was a perfect match. I know it came out in US at last Summer, but it was here on the theaters still last week, and when our plans didn’t work through we decided to just see at home. Now I regret it so much for not making the time to go to see this on the movies. I have no idea how much better experience it could have been.
To give you a good idea of the movie I can say that the other two movies that have reached my standard of perfection before are The Notebook and Moulin Rouge. So you can see that I’m a sucker for love stories, but not really the typical ones. If you’ve seen Zooey Deschanel in some other movie and loved her (how could you not?) you just have to see this too! It seems to me that the part was made (tailored, seriously) for her. But as images speak better than a thousand words I let them charm you. For me they work as a huge inspiration too!
I think I’m gonna dye my hair darker now. :D


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8 thoughts on “Best movie of the year.

  1. Oh I must make a point of seeing this film – I love a good romance! Plus the guy in it reminds me of someone I used to fancy back at college *blush*p.s. I mentioned your giveaway in my blog! :)- Anna Jane xxx(

  2. Favourite movie of ALL time :)Listen to the Smiths album to help you remember all the cute moments from this film :) <3

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