pre-fall 2010


Don’t forget the giveaway!
Chanel did good. This pre-fall collection was huge, 69 looks. I have been lazy with starting the analysis of the pre-fall collections, as school’s making me mad and I’m all about the pre-xmas it kind a feels nuts to be talking about the time when the schools start and leaves start to fall. As it just was here. But as we all true lovers know, fashion is nuts. So let’s enjoy the most of it!
The Chanel collection gave me a musky, dark and leafy taste in the mouth. It would fit just perfectly into the holiday season! But I do like the dramatic change between summer and the reflection of fall that the collection gives. To name few obvious trends shown in the collection I’d for first say leather leggings. True, Chanel does not rime well with it, but see yourself! The whole collection is based on it! For few other main ideas I would say big hair, huge accessorising and full colors. The last look I showed here (on Anja) is a definite favorite! I love all the detailing, it has definitely Chanel’s name all over it.
The collection also reminds me so well of this fall’s collections (so strange, though we’re living it, it still seems… old). The orient look in it is so clear, though it is not shown in the same all over the place way.
Anja and Freja both had my favorite looks on them. I guess when you’re on the top of your game you get only the top of everything -like Chanel.  I know I wouldn’t have to mention this, but the model casting was gorgeous! Everyone was there! From Stam to Rubik and from Vlada to Abbey.
The show had Paris-Shanghai in the details, but the runway was amazing (not that I saw it, just what I could gather up from online). The city’s skyline was remarkable background for the looks. And I just don’t know what else to say than Amen.

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