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Under my umbrella

Maria Menounos
This photograph is gorgeous! I know the bustier doesn’t show here at all, but I love how the tail of the dress has gotten wet. Somehow Wunthering Heights comes to my mind. The red suits her fantastic and I do think this could easily been Oscar’s worthy dress. Style from top to the toe, even the umbrella looks good. The glamour really appeals to me.
Ginnifer Goodwin
I shall always remember from Mona Lisa Smile (amazing movie, by the way [wardrobe especially!]). But somehow though I knew she’s gorgeous it didn’t hit me this hard before. She looks absolutely stunning in here. She pulls off the blue without a problem and I love all the sparkle in her accessories. The black umbrella is so classy and I love it for not taking a bit of her glow away.
Cameron Diaz
She is known for her smile, but look at her shoes! She’s clearly all dressed up. With the black platform pumps, gorgeous red gown and golden bracelet she draws the attention she deserves. I would have liked to see her in something more fashion wise, I really think she could have pulled it off. I think of Cameron as a laid back and relaxed surfer girl so having all the classic old Hollywood look on her is something I wouldn’t have dressed her into. Though she does look great. I also think the accessorizing ended half way, some golden sparkle in her hair or nice earrings would have given the finishing touch!
P.S. The umbrella! I know it’s a sponsor, but black one like the one Ginnifer had would have given much more elegance.
Anna Paquin

She’s a pretty girl and I was so surprised to see her in this dress. I think it’s bananas and just might have shut it down IF the shoes would have been different. I really really really love Anna and now even more for wearing this dress, I get it how the shoes (and the purse with it) might have seemed like a good idea, but the straps really cut her legs in half and the black part of the shoes is in no way flattering. The purse looks good though I think it came with the shoes. In the end I would still give her B+ or A-.
Colin Farrel & Alicja Bachaleda
Let’s say it straight: Colin doesn’t look good in here. He looks like something between high school guy with too much gel and a guy who couldn’t be bothered to wash his hair (well, this isn’t the most flattering photo of him). Luckly Alicja looks gorgeous! I think if it didn’t look so much like her boobs are going to fall out it would be just perfect look. She looks great, the hair-do is casual in a good way, her accessories are wonderful in the best way of the word and the dress fits like a glove.
Courtney Cox
My bf has a thing for her, I think it’s cause of the Friends. But when you think of her age isn’t she just gorgeous? Sure there might be something not God -given, but I think she glows in the best way possible. Unfortunately her dress doesn’t. I don’t mean to say it’s bad in anyway, but to be honest this could be from Jennifer Aniston closet, she seems to have a new one and maybe Courtney was one of the ones to get their share of her “after Brad -years” -closet. Is this is a one time thing I’ll let it slip and give her all the praise, but I do wish for this to not happen again.
Diane Kruger & Joshua Jackson
I’m sure she’ll be written down in fashion history. At first when I realized (mostly the color) what she was wearing I was thinking “omg, what am I gonna say about it, not good!”. But to see it function as a whole I am sold, once again! She may have brain washed me completely, but it is stange how she pulls off anything she wears! Joshua is one happy guy to be with her and I think it’s great that he doesn’t mind being the less of a celeb in the relationship, usually it wears the men and they became bitter. He looks everything but bitter in here!
Penelope Cruz
I don’t know how but she looks older than usually in here. I know she’s not 20, and of course she shouldn’t look like one. It just came as a surprise of some sort to me. I have no idea why. Her dress looks quite traditional and I do like the fact. She looks like a beautiful Spanish dancer, just the castanets are missing.


p.s. I just came final, we’re going to the Finnish Catwalk F/W11! I forgot it from the calender, but it’s as close to fashion week as we Finns get! I’m so excited!

13 thoughts on “Under my umbrella

  1. Hey juliet! I can't help but to totally agree with your thoughts about Maria Menounos and her dress plus the umbrella! Too gorgeous, I must admit. She's got style even when she holds the umbrella up. Plus, she doesn't need any guy to do that for her, and her walk & pose is so confident. Something I truly envy. Lovely, lovely write up about the Red Carpet. Too bad I missed it on TV. :( I'll prolly do some reading over the internet. Btw, I love both black and transparent umbrellas! Lovelove! xx

  2. Penelope Cruz just looks so glamorous. My other favourites are Joshua Jackson and Diane, they are such a lovely couple. And I love Anna Paquin, but not in those shoes.-Marz

  3. Woow, those are some stunning pics of some stunning ladies… great post. I am a fan of Cameron Diaz… and I think she looks quite cute. Great post!I have a nice giveaway running on my blog at the moment, I hope you will spare a moment to enter, the prize is really worth it!Hope to see you soon and have a lovely day.Colin.

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