Golden Globes, Red carpet

Golden Globes after party and the most beautiful man alive.

Alexander Skarsgård
He’s soo good! I hadn’t heard he dates Kate Bosworth.
Kate Bosworth
She may have gotten Alexander (can we blame him? not). This dress is so cute though she has done more exciting thing before this is just as good. I love the braided hair in style of Wang!
Ashley Olsen
Blue really suits her- She looks like she would glow. I love the Ludvig-styled shoes.
Chloé Sevigny
I can’t blam her for changing dress after the rain, it can’t be fun to celebrate in wet, long gown. And this 50s dress just seduces me.

Isabel Lucas

She’s wearing Chanel they say, but I think not enough say she look great. I think the dress is a bit ill-fitting and doesn’t really make me think it’s great.

Lindsay Lohan
LiLo! Good morning. I don’t usually love hoods being worn, but after so long time fail after another this looks good to me. It’s not like on her good days, but lightyears away from the ones she’s been wearing lately. Continue!
source: Just Jared


This is the last of the Globes, I promise! :D

9 thoughts on “Golden Globes after party and the most beautiful man alive.

  1. I love the Olsen sister, both of them. They always look flawless I reckon. As for Kate she looks heavenly although normally I'm not a big fan of hers.I am so glad I found your blog, I will certainly be coming back <3If you have the time, check out my blog too :))xx

  2. skarsgard, i love him too. he is just so good looking!i really like the color of ashleys dress, but the cut is just so unflattering.

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