couture, fashion week, spring/summer 2010

She’s got both hands in her pockets. And she wont look at you, Won’t look at you, 
title: Lady Gaga: Alejandro

Valentino really surprised me, they don’t often get to my top list in any category of the shows, but this season they really overdid themselves. Elie Saab made princess worthy job again with the utterly beautiful dresses. Jean Paul Gaultier made my hear beat faster. And Givenchy showed to me why I loved fashion in the first place.
Yesterday happened something that really upset me. As I have told I do study fashion, but unfortunately only on a more commercial level. So as I (excited of course) yesterday run to the computer in between classes to see if Givenchy’s show was yet online (it was) and gave it a fast look I got laughed by made fun of as some of my classmates felt that some of the looks looked like lamps.
I know I shouldn’t have gotten mad about it but after apologized for my passion for fashion for years (I come from the countryside where buying a new pair of Wellington boots is considered glamorous.) I had started to believe I now spend my time with people who understood the craziness I feel towards fashion weeks etc. In what a cruel way did I found out I was wrong. So after so long time after not seeing the curious and amused faces looking over my shoulder and having fun with it. Well.. *sights*
I don’t have the words for the feeling, but I hope you people understand as I realized again that you people are the only ones that do share my passion. I guess being wrong about them and feeling disappointed is the worst part of it. I’m not in my deepest blues now, don’t get me wrong. I just need to adjust the way I think of them and let myself be with them. And maybe that’s the part that annoys me.
Tell me, has this ever happened to you? Am I the only one who sometimes feels that is living with rednecks (to overstate a little)? How have you guys handled situations like these? What do you say? Is there something you can say to get them realize what these things mean to you?
Big questions with big pictures. Enjoy.



Dear Readers,
I am unfortunately up to this day without the membership of the TFS (the fashion spot). As any of you can imagine, it does make me blue every day. So today a wonderful though crossed my mind. What if, one of my readers would happen to have the membership and the good heart to invite me in? I would be so honored and left to eternal indebtedness. Please help fellow fashion lover in need.

I want to also thank KPECH from The On Fringe of Fashion for the Over the Top award she gave to me! Thank you!


13 thoughts on “She’s got both hands in her pockets. And she wont look at you, Won’t look at you

  1. Darling Juliet,Beautiful post! Love your selections from the Couture!And I totally empathize with how you feel, being surrounded by people who are not devotees of fashion like we are. That is why I am so grateful for our wonderful online community! Yay for my Fellow Fashionistas!What is TFS? xoxox,CC

  2. Hey lady, thank you for the comment! :)I know exactly how you feel about this…happens to me almost day to day. people thinking its all stupid and superficial. I know it can be to a point but its not the only thing I think about … and I DO love it anyway!! Makes me a bit sad…! Also love that you've been producing these images of the collections! Thanks for sharing.M xxx

  3. The purple gradient dress at Givenchy was stunning, I loved it. I can also sympathize with you. I think I'm surrounded by people who only know brands and fads — but fashion is so much more than that. It's not a business, it's an art-form and Couture has so much to do with it. Like Couture Carrie, I'm so grateful and honored to be part of an online community that has a true passion for this. Love you! Have a wonderful weekend, darling!

  4. I totally understand and know what it's like to be from a small town with small minds. The best is yet to come, I promise! The further you branch out from it and the closer you move toward people and places that share your values, the wider you will be able to spread your wings! I think it is incredibly wonderful that you are so passionate about fashion. Hang in there!! We are out here to help you through ;)

  5. Oh no! I just read this post and I'm so sorry! I should have said it then but as the world's biggest idiot I didn't understand how upset you felt :( I didn't laugh at you, I just get carried away (not the best excuse but I didn't wanted to hurt your feelings) Now I feel so bad. I do think that the dresses were just amazing and who am I to judge. I hope I'm not that hopeless as you described what it comes to fashion..Love S (the small minded redneck)

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