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Giovanna Battaglia

source: TFS
She’s the former model of D&G -exclusively- and now fashion editor at L’Uomo Vogue and freelance stylist. And owns an amazing wardrobe. Definitely Vogue from head to toe.
JulietMy budget’s tight and I’m trying to go a month without shopping any clother, accessories, shoes or candy. Not that I wouldn’t have any money to do it -but it haven’t stopped me before. :D


13 thoughts on “Giovanna Battaglia

  1. I LOOOVEEEE Giovanna!! I think she has got perfect, timeless style and The Sartorialist loves her too. Great post! As for your budget…I made myself a promise that I wouldn't buy ANYTHING new as far as clothes (i did buy a few magazines,lol) from January to Valentines Day. Let me just tell you that if you knew me personally, you would think I was a real deal shopaholic..and…Ive succeeded so far!! It might feel hard at first, but saving money feels SO good! It means alot to me and I'm so proud of myself, I just wanted to offer you some encouragement. I believe in you. Lol. Something I did that should help you out is to have an accountability partner. Pick someone reliable and Tell them about your plan. Tell them they must always be there for you and ready to remind you of your plan and encourage you. When youre tempted to buy something, text or call that person and they'll help you. It made it so much easier hearing it from someone else that I needed to save. Anyway, I know I might sound crazy but I know that i'm not the only one who feels liek the world will end if that pair of shoes sells out. ;] Good luck! xoM

  2. she's definitely got style! :)and hey, trying to stop shopping for a month does a great deal, really. well, it's gonna be really difficult 'cos temptation is almost everywhere! but the thought of having saved so much would really make you feel more happy and proud of yourself. i've tried it and am still trying to keep saving, hehe. oh and out of the amount you've saved, keep a certain percentage for yourself to splurge on! it's like a positive incentive for you. ;) hehe.lovely post, sweetie! & all the best in saving. <3

  3. she is amazing, I ADORE her. I saw her in Paris last summer and in person she is really really beautiful, and her legs are gorgeous! Her fashion sense obviously is adorable, never looks the same, always trying new things in a classic way

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