fall/winter 10/11, fashion week

Stockholm Fashion Week I Ladies

Few of my favorites from the Stockholm fashion week (1-3.2). I’ll give you more as soon as I have time ( I know the week ended already…) which means tomorrow morning at my marketing lecture (yeah, I’m a badass (or so I like to think)). Filippa K, Whyred and Dagmar are to me the most known Swedish labels -obviously after Acne.

Whyred is known for their classic, yet very global look. As you can see their look has much same with big guns like Prada, Stella McCartney and Alexander Wang. I love how they have the suede worked out for them.

Filippa K is to me one of the most feminine labels over the sea. They’re look is very “classic swedish marine” with the beautiful materials they use.

Dagmar is one of my favorites, when it comes to looking for something with edge. Like you see, there’s nothing usual with them.

I hope you enjoy!


5 thoughts on “Stockholm Fashion Week I Ladies

  1. Tyylikkään yksinkertaista. Harmaa on yksi lempiväreistäni.(Minun makuuni monet noista malleista ovat kyllä liian laihoja. Vaatteetkaan eivät enää laskostu kauniisti, joten onko menty jo liian pitkälle hoikkuusihanteessa?)

  2. Hey Juliet! I love the outfit from the first photo, third clockwise. It's lovely. Everything I would wear. ;) Thanks for sharing, J! x

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