Red carpet, street style


source: my inspiration file

I love it how she combines her fresh face and untidy hair with most gorgeous pieces of clothing/ accessories. She may look like she just woke up, but she still has a Chanel on her shoulder and she pulls it off! If that’s not a gift I don’t know what is. I know we all came to know her from the O.C. Which (unfortunately) is a long time ago. Nowadays Willa is already legal and is making a comback to our knowledge.
Did you know that her career started when Steven Spielberg told her mom to let her try some modeling and after that she ended up to Burberry’s campaign? At 8 year-old? That’s what I call successful. This year she’ll be in a movie called Legion and if we’re lucky we’ll get to see more of Georgia in GG.
18 is still really young -especially style wise- but she has it all going for her already now. So why not later also? I know I’ll keep on looking at her.



9 thoughts on “Willa.

  1. Pretty girl and beautiful style. But again too thin. Well, she has to be if she's a model.(Sorry that I keep repeating this but I just feel so sad that models have to be so thin that they lose their natural feminine figure.)

  2. ive always thought she was so beautiful. cant wait to see more of her in the future, after the OC she really disappeared of the face of the world!!awesome blog :)

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