Collection, fall/winter 10/11


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I think this collection is really lovely. Acne always delivers to my taste. They do perfectly the Scandinavian clean lines with cosmopolitan trends. Acne might be after H&M the most well known Swedish talent in the fashion industry. This time they went even far-er with the search of cosmopolitan feel. They held their Fall/Winter 2010/2011 show in London instead of their home -the Stockholm fashion week. Stockholm got only the pre-fall collection. Great for Acne, shitty for Stockholm.With this move Acne gets more press time, more respect and new customers. Which also means that they can continue raising the prices. Which isn’t a new thing, but could (in my opinion) stop already. From SFW point of view it’s sad as they are loosing one of their hit machines. I think it’s great that there is more than just few big fashion weeks, though I love them passionately, and Stockholm is by far my favorite after the big four (NY, London, Paris, Milan). I really don’t wish for the smaller ones to fade away.

But back to the collection itself. It seems that next fall well be getting more of the underground look, with leather jackets, beanies, shiny shoes, knots and layers. For men the look is far more simple and monochromatic. As for ladies the look has lots more of details, layers, different materials and prints. Women will have wedges, minimal amount of bare skin, layers of different materials (like chiffon, knits and lamb skin) and new versions of the old classics (like fur in biker jacket and pastel colored parka).

The clothes all (ladies) seem to have been made out of small pieces, but the outcome isn’t sloppy, it actually looks really tailored (in the underground way). The feel in the collection is a bit depressed, which isn’t something I object. I think it’s nice change after all the red lips and fish nets to have something more androgynous and beautiful in the bit darker way.

What do you think about it?


11 thoughts on “Sweden

  1. hey Juliet, i feel the same way. it's interesting how after the economic downturn we've all had to experience that these designers have not learned anything. To raise their prices is only going to make the label more unreachable for all the people who made it so popular…. sad sad :(

  2. love the black dress. i'm excited for next fall's collection – leather jackets and beanies. lovelove.thanks for sharing, j! x

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