fall/winter 10/11, fashion week


source: coutorture

I just loved these collections! Dark and mysterious, with tiny splashes of color. I think all of these above went out of their comfort zone, but it did work wonders for them. I was waiting for Monique Lhuillier because the Nicole rumor. But nothing white to my surprise. Though of course they make tailored garments and for big fishes like her they probably could start from the scratch.
Donna Karan and Jill Stuart both surprised me. I did not expect all black, gothic and dramatic collections from neater. But clearly that is something they’re capable of doing. I do love the smokey eyes at Jill and the 3D dress at Donna.
In the end I do enjoy all of them. I wish I had the skill to style black that chic. Black is my “power color” , and I’m sure I’m not the only one. But it is so easy to end up looking a bit off with it. In three seconds always manage to get hair, strings and dust on all things black and suddenly the whole effect of it is ruined. Not that they need to worry about that in the shows.



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