fall/winter 10/11, fashion week


I am a huge fan of Twenty8Twelve. I know it’s not long ago that I talked trash about celebrity collections, well once again I eat my words. Sienna is one talented and stylish woman and when it comes to her pieces I don’t make her profession a problem. Actress or not she understands how beautiful garment is made, knows what fits women and what’s trendy and hip.
I myself own a two of her older pieces. Both of them fancy dresses and I love them to death. Twenty8Twelve is known for detailing and being hip. It doesn’t create anything new and marvelous, but it does have a great selection of beautiful pieces that make a girl feel like a princess. And that’s the most important thing, isn’t it?
It seems that London isn’t Coutorture’s best friend and their picture supply when it came to this collection was just Sienna smiling, Sienna hugging and Sienna serious. So I can’t really get a good look on the actual collection -which I think is a shame. But it seems to follow some old guidelines: short hemlines, exciting materials, very body hugging and cute. Not too scary even for the girl next door. But cool enough to be worn by the it girls.
source: Coutorture



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