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Quickly few of my favorite snaps from Burberry Prorsum

source: sceenshots by me from the Burberry Prorsum live stream.
I think the collection was brilliant. I loved almost every single looks in it and I think the live stream must be one of the best inventions ever made. Though my internet couldn’t quite handle it I am really impressed as I am sure there were maybe even millions of people watching it at the same time.
Anyhow, this season they didn’t present as many trenches as they usually have for autumn and winter collections. This time leather and fur had taken their places and I am really not surprised -it has been a major trend in almost all of the big shows.
Another surprising thing was how far away they kept from the classic Burberry check. I could spot it only on the bags. I don’t really mind, but I admit I am surprised. I liked the petit color palette, mustard yellow, navy blue, off white and black were all well represented in the show. But to my favorite point of the show. The outerwear. I think the coats were the most amazing ones I have yet to seen and I want them all! I really do!The show included mostly uniform, aviator and seducing looks. I loved the aviator leather jackets with lambskin lining. It is just brilliant and I am all the time thinking how could I make it for myself. I’m sure it will hit the high street hard as we have seen it in so many other shows already. But I want it now! You know what I’m talking about?

Actually they are already on sale on the Burberry page. In addition to the coats also the bags are there to be snapped. I think it is quite brilliant idea, not that I would have any hopes of getting any of them. So if your interested to even see the beautiful pieces (or to find out the price) visit here. They surprisingly aren’t as expensive as I would have though them to be. But the purses’ prices really go ridiculously high. Anyhow the presentation alone is beautiful to watch.



6 thoughts on “Quickly few of my favorite snaps from Burberry Prorsum

  1. Juliet – this show was so amazing, i feel like i need to have a version (since i can't afford the real) of every single piece. Especially the jackets. TO DIE FOR.

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