fall/winter 10/11, fashion week


source: Coutorture
Blugirl was sweet as always, I loved the big coats and whites charmed me with their innocent look and the prints and sequins are also so cute. Prada is always lovely in their “so ugly that it’s gogeous” kind a way” I really love the feeling that the collection gives me, kind a depressed 50s housewife. I think it’s kind a great (yes, in a very strange way I understand it) how the clothes look ill-fitting, yet cool. And look at the glasses! Gorgeous!
I have a really strong feeling that I’ve seen the D&G collection before. But looking at it, it’s no surprise. I think we all have seen a million winter collections like this. But it did have nice dresses in it. I did hope that uggs were out. Fendi blew my mind. I didn’t wait their collection and had completely open mind while I checked into it. And totally fell for it! I can’t understand why have I dismissed Fendi in the past? Isn’t this just perfest?


Your thoughts?

12 thoughts on “MFW I

  1. 50s depressed housewives… love your summary! Personally I saw very strong early 90s vibes which surprised me. (Why do I have to pass a silly warning disclaimer? Your blog is great.)

  2. I ABSOLUTELY loved Prada. I've always been a big fan but this is the collection I've liked the most lately. And the sort of MadMen theme was just genius! Hope people will actually wear them!D&G… a little of the same, right? It's nice and stuff but it doesn't go forward…And, God, loved Fendi. but, of course, Lagerfeld is behind it, so how can I be surprised?xx

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