fall/winter 10/11, fashion week


source: Coutorture
I think Gianfranco Ferré did amazing, they’re never too much of anything, always very subtle. But I think the combination of leather, fur and fabric was heavenly and I can imagine the amoun tof time it must have taken.
Emporio Armani really charmed me this year. Normally I don’t think much about them, Armani’s style is very easy to spot and it was the case again. But maybe I have gotten older (what? impossible!) as the looks really did look seducing to me. It is a fact that Armani dresses ladies, not teenage girls.
Blumarine is one of my favorite Italians. Anna Molinari never fails to me and this is the case again. The light textures, models dressed up like rock n’ roll butterflies and the sparkle all over made me gasp and fell in love with the label even more.


16 thoughts on “MFW III

  1. love your blog, keep it upas always, thanks for sharingand thank you so so much for the lovely comments-cmaCOSMICaroline.blogspot.com

  2. Thanks for sharing these….I have always been a huge fan of the classy armani and they did not disappoint this time also. Cheers!www.callmestylista.blogspot.com

  3. I like Blumarine in terms of style since I would wear it and GF in terms of how he worked with the structures. Thanks for sharing. xoxoB* a la Moda

  4. Seem I'm the opposite — I usually love the Armani collections, but I find this one a little bit less appealing than usual for some reason…? But I simply adore the Blumarine! Absolutely gorgeous (and I quite like the angle of the pictures — very edgy)!Romanyxxp.s. I'd love to exchange links with you, Juliet! I'll add your blog to my blogroll right now, sweetie.

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