fall/winter 10/11, fashion week


source: Coutorture
Versace surprised me and stole my heart. I love this collection so much more that I have loved any other collection of theirs. Usually they go too much in the luxury girlfriend look that I’m comfortable with, but this time I think they made the perfect match. It is still definitely Versace, but more edge (loads of it) and bad girl energy.
Bottega Veneta is always very classic and feminine. This time the collection was to my eyes more girly than before with looser shapes and trendy silhouettes. I do think it was very stong decision from them to go in so trendy road, but I guess as the depression isn’t feeling that bad anymore.
Jil Sanders was very preppy and missed few pairs of the bottoms, otherwise very sophisticated and business -kind a collection. I liked the plaids, though it’s nothing new for fall. Their basic colors black, white, sand and grey could never fail -at least in my eyes. I think there would be nothing wrong in having the whole closet full of them.
Gucci is always Gucci, with Tom or without. Luxury was spelled in this collection, just as expensive and beautiful were. I loved the fur (or feather?) pieces and I loved the “two pieced dress” with strapless dress as the bottom and sleeves as their own part. I hope you understand :) ! Most I loved the hair and makeup. So natural, yet clearly not. There’s a fine line between bed -head and the perfect almost straight naturally glossy hair.
Dolce & Gabbana. Oh, what would I say. The italians may not understand what the words Fall and winter mean, but I really don’t care! Lingerie and cardigan : perfect! Chiffon and bare legs for winter? Why not! I think in here the double showed again their talent. I could not get bored of this!


Who do you like best? Do you think the Milan fashion week went by too fast?

8 thoughts on “MFW IV

  1. C. says:

    Oh, Dolce and Gabbana… so so amazing! Definitely one of my favorites of the week!xo, Chttp://owl-wings.blogspot.com

  2. Omg, words can't express how much I love the D&G collection. So my style. Just pure love.And Bottega Veneta was very lovely and feminine too. Though I generally prefer BV's spring collections…Romanyxx

  3. Truly the best of the best. Good cherry-picking! I have a soft spot for, strangely enough, Roberto Cavalli. I love all the long, flowy bohemian dresses.

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