8 thoughts on “red carpet.

  1. Vaikka Meryl on kaikintavoin mahtava niin hänen mekosta en valitettavasti voi samaa sanoa.Sen sijaan toi Posh Spicen päällä oleva luomus on kyllä jotain!

  2. meryl streep is such a stunning actress. and ages so very well :D i love her!! and all the characters that she plays. my ultimate favorite actress :)and yes, victoria's dress is incredible. i was also wondering if she designs them herself or is it someone else but with her name on it.

  3. Hello!…I believe this must be said… Kathyrn Bigelow is 58. um-hmm. Fifty-Eight. yowza! Kathryn, Meryl, Sigourney, Helen… I swear they've all been bitten by a vampire! They haven't got that disgusting botox-pox look so I'm going to put it down to ageless genes and good maintenance.The page isn't loading so I can't see what Victoria is wearing, Queen looks glowing but as much as I love Meryl, I want to just…'tweak' her a little. She is far too noble and brilliant to dress so safely ergo frumpishly!Nice to 'meet' you… ~peace~Dusk

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