Collection, spring/summer 2010

Closer look to Miu Miu

I think it is spring enough to start ranting more closely about the collection relevant this season. And I don’t give rat’s ass that it snowed just last week. I’m starting off with Miu Miu. Why? I’ll explain. Simply because I can not get the collection out of my head. I admit, at first during the fashion week I did think it was “just” a typical Miu Miu – cutesy version of Prada’s intelligent -ly gorgeous pieces. But girls (and boys), I have seen the light! It happened by accident. I never meant to give them any deeper thought and most definitely never meant to search for those pink platform pumps on sale on any price. But somehow my brain suddenly knew there is no sweeter thing than this collection. I have fallen in love, deeply

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I really really enjoyed what Miuccia is offering for us for this spring and summer. In here I collected the festive looks. Sequins aren’t something you think of when Miuccia is in question. I really loved what she did for the hair. It is very Alexander Wang – he made it known, but no matter who had it first it clearly is a huge trend. Just yesterday I was playing with the thought of cutting my hair shorter, but after seeing this I really don’t want to – not that my hair would be even close to those lengths. I might have to find out what I can do about that.

Back to the sequins. These are – matter of fact- extremely sexy. Sheer nude fabric cut in a clever way in sensual places and then covered with huge sequins and beading. I think it is brilliant to combine this with the heavy fabrics and huge platforms. And to do all this for a spring collection. Clever say I.

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These prints are the reason this collection is so known for. Celebrities have started to wear them and I love to see them on the red carpet wearing something like this, so far away from the usual choices. The main prints are bird, cat and seducing lady. The brooches with the same shapes were hilarious I think. One made out of mirror ( as a material I mean of course) would have been brilliant! I think TitiMadam makes them, unfortunately not in these shapes.

Miu Miu has never been one on the sexy side – at least in the obious way- and because of that it seems only natural to see a summer collection from them without cleavage showing even one bit. Looking for a cutesy print like that and making my own unique high waisted simple skirt doesn’t look at all like a bad idea. As long as the legs are showing there is nothing boring or careful in these skirts. They are full of power.

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Don’t these girls look smart? I love it how the outfits are so figure hugging that they almost look like a overall. Also one other detail I payed attention was that the trousers didn’t have any usual waist -piece, I mean the place where you would usually see the belt going into (I don’t know the right word for this in english and I hope you get what I’m talking about here). I don’t know how practical this solution is, but it does look fresh and exciting. I also love that the pants aren’t completely skinny, straight leg is something I’ve been missing a lot, and though I doubt that I’ll be wearing navy trousers with birds flying around them I do enjoy this.

Also the shirts tucked into the pants looks great. The loose all over look doesn’t fit my petit, but not too skinny figure and I think most of us women look much more flattering in a look like this.

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There they are. The shoes I’ve been thinking so hard  they may be one of the reasons I might fail my course on brands (surprisingly interesting subject, I will definitely be buying the book Fashion Brands : Branding Style from Armani to Zara for my self.) But back to miu miu. In this collage you’ll see most of the points I’ve been having. Sheed nudes with thick fabrics and extremely long braids, those adorable shoes and the gorgeous prints.

I adore the fabric the skirt is made out of in the first picture on left. Doesn’t look like a bit of summer, but sadly I think it would work great in Scandinavian weather. The heels are something I’ll have to try to ether find or forget completely. And the cut that the cloth in the last picture has? Genius say I. Probably the most revealing piece in the whole collection, but it doesn’t look sexist at all. The print helps a long way. ( And might I ad that it takes huge talent to make patterns for something with that many little pieces and such a difficult print).

If you got tired befor you even started to read I can summit this all into few words. I’ll definitely be looking closely to make looks for myself from this collection. I adore all of it.




10 thoughts on “Closer look to Miu Miu

  1. I have to say that this season's Miu Miu has been a great highlight! The prints are beautiful and cute and everybody (Well, almost) loves it. Great share and I love the shoes too!

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