Collection, designer, spring/summer 2010

Rodarte roars

I think this collection is amazing. I know that it won’t show on the streets and the time on the red carpet will probably remain in few courageous shows. But I loved this collection no matter of that. It isn’t practical, but was that never the purpose? I don’t think so. The sisters did amazing job with what they have. Houte couture is unfortunately going to die. We all know it and ready-to-wear will take it’s place, or more likely just swallow it. The practical collections from likes of Donna Karan, inspiring collections of Marc and D&G and these extraordinary pieces from Rodarte and Alexander McQueen will all share the same platform. Confusing? Definitely, but I think that’s just our modern culture. Everything happens at once and everything and everyone can be put into a large box with million others. It is the designers job to get on the top and get people remembering them.

And deeper into the collection now. I love the tattoos. I know that the warrior -kind of looks are exaggerated. But that should (in my opinion) be the case always on fashion week collections. I think the detailing in this show shows the trends the Mulleavy sisters preferred best. The shoes are hard core rock n roll shoes -the kind I could easily imagine Rihanna wearing. The tattoos are straight from some ancient warriors and present the trend called bodyart -I think it’s been years (if ever) since tattoos have been so fashionable. Naming big time supermodel without one is hard. And if even designers blank canvases they showcase their collections on have personality then what about the ordinary people, who give the personality to the clothes?

I’m not really sure of all the strings and different materials. I have to give credit for the talent of seeing the warrior material in orange fabric that has pink-ish sequins all over it. I don’t think I could have been able to do the same.

I think this kind a evening themed outfits have the biggest possibility to show up on the red carpet. Though there won’t be too many outings I guess, rare are brave enough. But seriously speaking the two from left are gorgeous. Freja on red carpet could probably pull it off, she has such a power in her. But all the detailing (and a-symmetrical) just warms my heart. It is to fashion what butter is for bread (though some loonies go without any or even both).


These pant -looks are all fierce! I love the studs, the shine and the belts. Really outrageous -even for the hc street style we’ve seen lately. I think these work the best in the collection (after the shoes, of course). Skinnies with tattoos. What else can I say?

Happy Easter to all of you!



5 thoughts on “Rodarte roars

  1. I have to admit that it takes a great personality to don such clothes. These aren't any of my kind of likes but I must say, wow. How have you been, J? :) I've missed you much. Can see that you're still up ahead with the latest fashion jazz. I wish you a blessed Easter weekend! Much love! x

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