22 thoughts on “a Little of Anja for Easter.

  1. And I love these. :) Definitely good for Easter. Hehe. I especially like the first one – black and sexy. Nice. So glad the sun's shining just fine for you. :) It's been raining really heavily here lately, in Malaysia. Guess I'm fine now. Just trying to keep up with work and just to stay afloat. :) Uni is so very taxing. Heh.xx

  2. This is sizzling hot and se-xey… Wow! I absolutely love the second pic. In any case, I'd adore slipping into any of these! Tonight I'm savoring a glass of bubbly and being sartorially inspired by this to wear something tight and tiny – thanks for the tip my dear!

  3. GORGEOUSi am loving this editorialfabulous inspirationthanks for sharing darlingand i appreciate your comments, it means the world!-cmaCOSMICaroline.blogspot.com

  4. Another very beautiful editorial with her in it. There are so many things I want from this shot. Beautiful!Happy Easter to you too!

  5. My god. Those may be the longest legs I've ever seen. She's so gorgeous, I like her hair at this length. I wasn't a big fan of the cropped style.Romanyxx

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