26 thoughts on “My precious

  1. im so jealous! like its impossible to get them! i know this could be a realy rude question but how much were they?? im really curious to know!x-casey

  2. LOVE the new shoeslove your blog, great inspiration!thanks for sharing, love it-cmaCOSMICaroline.blogspot.com

  3. OMG!!!! I don't believe my eyes YOU HAVE THEM!!! *passing out from their lovelyness* but seriously, how could you afford them..? but i'm sure that I would eat the rest of the year only noodles if I had those <3 would love to see some photos from your outfit too. do you have a dress already? hope these are worth getting some blisters and feet ache. you'll have to wear them each night and get used to the walking too ;)XoXoXo

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