resort 2011

Some late resort

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I’ve been incredibly lazy. And I apologize. Resort’s been out quite a while now. But I’m getting to my favorites just now. Though the whole season is a bit strange to me I do love any extra change of new collections. Here Burberry Prorsum shows their newest with gorgeous models Sebastian Brice and Melissa Tammerijn. Aren’t they gorgeous? And to the collection. Yes, as many have noted the collection looks a lot more like pre-fall than resort (just look at all the knits! And no swimwear!) and on some labels this could be just as well fall/winter. But the style is really hitting me hard. I do love the skirts and the knits, though I would savor them for the darker time of the year. The color scheme is familiar from the fall and winter collection and as I like to think of myself (some days) as close to earth kind a girl I like it a lot. The greens, browns and the mustard are very rich and powerful. I can’t wait to try them on.

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Magdalena Frackowiak models beautifully maybe the sweetest resort collection this season. Of course there were black outfits, but I clearly left them out. I love the flower prints, pinks and blues. The suits look so sweet and sharp at the same time. And the 80s power suit is a clear influence in here. I’m not a fan of 80s fashion but when it is genious-ly translated into today I am quite a fan of it. Stella McCartney is one of my all time favorites when it comes to the cool and trendy things and her talent is a huge gift to the fashion world.
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Marc Jacobs knows his thing. This collection is everything that a resort collection ought to be. Swimwear, beachwear, short shirts and dresses. These charming outfits would easily fit in any resort. This style in particular is very close to the sweet-esy look that I am aiming for this summer. Though naturally as my budget and wardrobe are limited it is a bit far away. I think the textures make this collection differ from the other that Marc did.




Your favorite?

5 thoughts on “Some late resort

  1. Burberry Prorsum and marc jacobs have just about stolen my heart and i don't mind if they don't give it back. So beautiful xx

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