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Trip to Helsinki, some inspiration for shopping -as if I need any!

(sources: first 4 from, then the following 4 from and the next 4 from and the last 4 from

For some odd reason Zara’s website doesn’t work on my laptop, so that the only reason it’s missing my list. But the point of all of this is that I’m going to visit one of my best friend in Helsinki -where she lives. And we are going to hit some shops. I really couldn’t afford to any shopping, but after all as I visit Helsinki just about once or maybe even twice a year it’s not like this happens all the time! And going shopping with this dear friend is such a rare treat that I’d be crazy not to take advantage of it! 

So to make things a bit more sane I am going to try to think about fall with my buys and if we have time we’ll visit few independent designers and I’ll see if I can get my self a “boss” / “collaboration partner” / or what ever they call it for a school project next fall.



I have only 10 days of vacation left before I’ll have to go to work. I wish I wouldn’t have to, but I guess I have no choice if I wish to pay my rent… 

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18 thoughts on “Trip to Helsinki, some inspiration for shopping -as if I need any!

  1. ohh i love all of these pieces.. and i want them! ohh and of course i wanna exchange links.. you are on my blogroll now :)

  2. wow im in love with that white lace top!! so perfect. haha so true as if we need any shopping inspiration! i need a shoppping ban haha! also thanks for ur sweet cm, id lv to exchange hehe x

  3. hey girl!!!!!cool post!love love the leopard wedges!the cardigans!the tops the bootis!thanx for visitin:)

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