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Couture Dior

The Couture’s have begun again. There ain’t nothing sweeter in the summer than this, the long awaited moment when the pieces that have been made for months and months are ready to be presented. I am starting with Christian Dior, as it is without a doubt the largest couture house of the first day.

Galliano never bores us. It is a fact that could be written down in the laws of physics. He and Karl are the two amazing kings of our irrational and fantasy-like world called fashion. While Karl ships icebergs to his shows Galliano creates a world of his own to his with equal imagination. The only thing I am left to think is, if Galliano designs the set for his shows based on his costume or the other way round. What do you think?

In this Fall 2010 show we can see huge flowers, poppy I’d say, and the models were dressed and madeup as somesort of insects -in the most beautiful way possible- though I often think Galliano goes too far with his creations I like this collection a lot. I may not be suitable for fall -and even less for winter. But as the art form we are talking about is Haute Couture, instead of “off-the-rack”. I see nothing unsuitable in it.

I also love the influences of the 50s. And though the collection is clearly infected with modern ingredients as well (like it needs to be) I love the fact that the “New Look” collection (That to me is part of Dior’s history like red is part of Valentino’s) can be seen.

I’d love to see these dresses walk the red carpet and I think Dita von Teese at least would rock them all! I’d love to see her in the (upper picture) dresses that are in the far right side on second and third row. The dress/ cape in the middle of second row is something that is screaming to get into a editorial (Vogue, I beg!) and Anne Hathaway should try to wear something else than Armani and go for the dress far right on the first row.

These are all Oscar worthy dresses. Sure for the 99% of the red carpet walkers these are way too wild. For that reason it strangely becomes even more important to get to see these dresses gap for some air. If not for Oscars then MET maybe?

With dresses this Hard Core it’s hard to say who’ll wear them. Sure some new star could surprise us (like Zoe Saldana in Givenchy gown at Oscars last year). But as that happens about once in a blue moon I doubt it. Cate Blanchett might give it a try, Lady Gaga could rock one Camilla Belle has the fashion mojo, but these aren’t maybe sweet enough for her? Marion Cotillard is known to wear Dior and in their marriage I even believe in. Well, there might be enough of red carpet guessing done. Feel free to laugh at me when none of these come true. :D

If I could dress myself into just one dress from this collection it would definitely be the yellow one (upper picture)on the middle of the first row. Most likely I wouldn’t look as good as Lais Ribeiro (yes, I had to check) does. But would I care. NO!

For a crazy shoe lover like me this collection was kind a dream come true. Those pink heels in the first row would definitely get on my shopping bag if I would have a chance on them. And if they will even get on sale? Will they? I’ve never checked the case on couture accessories. I love the trains that the gowns had -which should be a clear sign that I’m still not over from the royal weddings of Victoria and Daniel. The blue and pink  dress from behind looks like a cloud and a clear sky.

The plastics that the models wore on their faces clearly are the cherry on the top. The thing I wonder is if the models had to hold their breath for the plastic not to get steamy? The hair do is as well increadibly -yes, cute! Like bumblebees. Naturally the makeup is over the top and like usual there is green eyeshadow.

These are some of the happy people in the first row. I love Carine’s outfit!
What do you think of this collection?



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