couture, fall/winter 10/11

Alexis Mabille & Bouchra Jarrar

I can’t start this post in any other words than by saying that this haute couture week doesn’t feel the same without Christian Larcoix presenting. I always loved his work the best when it came to couture. That’s why accepting the loss is so hard. But I guess we’ll have to go on with what we gott.

Being new in Pairs can’t be an easy task, and though she has impressive (and more) career behind her first is always first. Though at first sight I was a bit dissapointed I am starting to like this collection. Though I am usually a good friend of minimalistic style and Scandinavian clean lines I love the extravagana outfits when it comes to couture. I guess that’s why at first it was harder to see the good in so small amouts.

This collection could be used as an entire wardrobe. There were gowns, jackets, dresses, pantsuits etc. And though it is fun thought to wear just one collection and nothing else I think it would get boring fast, when the collection is as minimalistic and similar allover.

I don’t think one can go wrong with black, white, navy and touch of gold and fur. And I do think that these silhouettes are very elegant and timeless. I’d be happy with any of these and could wear it for the rest of my life. What I am left to wonder is if in time (if she has the luck to continue) it’ll start to repeat itself. Only time will tell I guess.

At beginning I didn’t think that much about Alexis Mabille. I did most of the time cover their collections as they were worth it, but I don’t think I’ve used to word love about it before. Because now I am going to. I loved this collection. So elegant, so sophisticated, so feminine and so luxurious. I think those are all the bases that I am looking for when it comes to couture. The black, white and pastels palette was se sweet and girly but with the splash of red the collection grew into a full grown woman.

All the bows, ruffles, lace and flowers really did it to me. I am a romantic to the heart and things this sweet are cuaranteed to get my attention. I hope Camille Belle would also get acquainted with this collection as I think the last gown (bottom right) is just made for her. Can U see it? Her walking down the red carpet wearing this gorgeous, extremely feminine gown. And the middle dress in the first row would look great on Eva Mendez -I think. It has that glamorous old Holliwood feeling into it with dramatic detailing. And Chloe Sevigny could make the top in the last row middle come to live! ( sure, she could do the same to the top on last row in the far left).

The spanish feeling in this collection is very modern I think, but the traditional details are kept in it. I think the shoes are very beautiful and I’d love to see them closer. I think it could be time for Alexis Mabille to earn the right for “detail photos”. I’d love to see them at least!

Which collection do you prefer?



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