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Fall 2010 The must shopping list

Surely these aren’t all of the major trends or the trends obviously, but I got tired during the photoshopping, so this is it for now. Truthfully these are the trends that are mostly on my mind at the moment. I really really want statement shoes for the fall, I can not imagine not getting an aviator jacket, fur vest and am actually even dreaming of a real fur -inspired by Paris and Sex and the City’s first few seasons’ where Carrie never goes anywhere without hers.
The lace and lingerie trend is something that I feel I am really drawn to, but I am afraid it wouldn’t work on me as I lack the perfect body. I still might attempt this look, maybe with something like the Topshop’s maxi dress on the picture. Outside these pictures I am really drawn to leather gloves, knits, ponchos, Mulberry’s Alexa and the socks in heels thing. 


What trends can’t you stop thinking?

15 thoughts on “Fall 2010 The must shopping list

  1. I love all these shoes,I will go to the Paris next week,so I will try to find something like that :)I'm your follower and maybe you want to joing my blog ? :))G.

  2. My fall wishlist is anything that'll help me recreate the lovely J.Crew fall look book – neutral colors and tons of layers!

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