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Marimekko Fall 2010

I am so angry right now, I just wrote this post and finished it and somehow it all disappeared when I pushed the “publish” button! But I am going to try again. If the post ends up short and a bit inconsistent. It’s just that the whole text is already in my head and if I forget to write something I might not notice.
Marimekko is the biggest, most established and oldest finnish fashion house. They represent the finnish fashion at it’s best and at it’s worst. I wanted to showcase you some finnish fashion and Marimekko seemed like the most natural way to begin this. I hope that I remember to continue this as I really love so many different finnish designers and their work and I feel it’s a shame I don’t show it more in here my blog.
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To my knowledge she is a new designer at Marimekko, I do like her work a lot. The 50s style made modern pleases me as I like the clean lines and silhouettes. I would have liked her to play a bit more with Marimekko’s prints -as prints are what it is known for. I wait for more with excitement.
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Marimekko hasn’t before had jewelry. And I am so excited that they do now! I love how Marni influence and the fact that they have infused Marimekko’s prints with jewellery without it looking like it. If my budget allows I am deinitely going to get myself a piece! I am so in love with this kind of necklaces and bracelets.
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Before, when Samu-Jussi Koski was the creative director his collections were the high point in Marimekko for me, Mika Piirainen’s collections always came close second. Now that Samu-Jussi is gone  Mika is my definite favorite out of the bunch. I love the way he uses the prints and don’t you just love the subtle print in the bottom row?
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(source: marimekko.fi)
Noora Niinikoski is originally known for her own label Rinne Niinikoski, which is known to be a bit more avant garde and experimental than Marimekko has ever been. I think it is great that there is collaboration between such a different houses and looks. As you can see with the collection it is a lot wilder than the rest are and much younger. I hope to see more this kind of collaboration in future.



What do you think of these collections?


16 thoughts on “Marimekko Fall 2010

  1. hmm marimekko splits my opinions. when being super lucky i may find a beautiful piece of design but usually i end up being quite disappointed. i still like some stuff like unikko whenever it's being used.

  2. What an amazing AW 2010 collectioin…the colors are fantastic…love the mostly black and white with the pops of blue and red. Love the cut of the skirts and dresses in the last 2 pics too.

  3. I can imagine you must have been really peed off at Blogger when your post disappeared, such a great post and all have to be done all over again.Love the pics, great post, thanks for taking the time to re write it.Thanks for dropping a line on my last post, great to hear from you.Hope your week has been going well so far.Colin.

  4. I love Finnish fashion! so neat, yet unique with its own Finnish touch no other culture has, and yet versatile! :Dyes I'd love to exchange links dear :)

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