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Laura Laine

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NY Times T Magazine Spring 2008
Laura Laine is 26-year-old Finnish fashion illustrator with a very impressive resume. She has worked for Elle, NY Times, Tommy Hilfiger, H&M, Zara and Escada. When you remember that she’s been working for just few years you have to admit that this is an impressive list of clients. Laura Laine’s work is easily recognizable, the women she draws are tall, have long wavy hair and their positions are just as curly as their hair. After you fall in love with one of her work you’ll recognize hers for the rest of your life.
Originally she was ment to become a fashion designer, she was already in a very respected art university in Finland and studied fashion design, but it didn’t ever feel quite right. She always enjoyed drawing the collections more than anything else and those years in the drawing lessons helped her realize what she wanted from her life. After she has graduated in 2007 she begun to teach fashion illustration at her old school.
She wouldn’t name herself as a fashion illustrator – for her the main point is in drawing itself- but with the kinds of clients that she has I think the title is well deserved. Her work is very hard to copy as her style is very detailed, often black and white and making every single line count. The positions are supernatural as are the measurements of the girls she draws and copying something like that and to make it look as natural as she does is a hard task.
I love the feminine and slightly melancholic touch that her work has. It is very unique and part of her charm. Next I am going to let the pictures speak for them self’s. A picture is a thousand words, isn’t it?
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Elle Russia March 2010
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Muse Magazine Issue 17 2009

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Joeil De La Mode
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Elle Russia March 2010
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Wear Magazine Cover


I am such a huge fan of her work I can’t believe I haven’t wrote about her before!



Had you heard of her before?
What do you think of her work?

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