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Copenhagen Fashion week Day 2

Yesterday someone thought that I am in Copenhagen sharing these collections for you, but the sad fact is that I’m not. I’m home at my couch writing about these collections. Copenhagen Fashion week has amazing website and they have photographed these photos and uploaded them already on their site. I am just such a fashion geek that I could not check the collections and share them with you.

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“In the last decade Bruuns Bazaar has emerged as one of the leading designer brands in Scandinavia. Bruuns Bazaar is an innovative international design company, creating beautiful men’s and women’s clothing as well as accessories. It’s a design driven company where quality is a top priority. The unique blend of classic style and edgy pieces with personal attitude has created a loyal following in Europe. Today the company represents both the Bruuns Bazaar brand as well as the diffusion line BZR.”

This is a lovely collection. The lace, greens, beiges and neutrals. The hemline is at the length that flatters everybody and the casual asymmetric hemline is very feminine. These are all clothes that any girl can easily imagine her self wearing -and that’s a definite plus. Fashion doesn’t always need to be hard and complicated, I think. If the clothes are beautiful and hip as well as practical it’s not a crime. I’d wear the whole collection.

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“Lars Wallin is the Swedish couture designer renowned for his beautiful signature design, working only in the finest materials available. Dressing artists, celebrities and royalty as well as the women dreaming of a Lars Wallin wedding gown or a magnificent dress.

Lars Wallin is continuously working on new couture, bespoke- and semi bespoke. This year Lars Wallin is also making a leatherjacket collection in collaboration with Jofama and a bed- and bed linen collection with Carpe Diem Beds of Sweden. Lars Wallin also have his own makeup collection named Make it Your Own.”

Such a beautiful and glamorous collection! Reminds me of Carrie Bradshaw and the golden Burberry Prorsum dress that Emma Watson wore during last fashion month. The golden materials look so luxurious and beautiful that they really break my heart. The collection had so many gorgeous evening gowns that I could have made a complete collage of them alone, and all just as gorgeous pieces as the ones featured! So if I would be going on a red carpet I’d definitely at least try on his gowns. And I’d really really like to see these gowns find their way to the big red carpets. Definitely worthy of the golden globes or oscars, I think!

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“Margit Brandt began in the mid 1960s and quickly became a global fashion brand, selling its popular and trendsetting designs in the most fashionable stores across the world. Following its re-launch in 2005, the brand today focuses on creating contemporary women’s wear rich in details characteristic of Margit Brandt designs of the 60s, 70s and 80s yet placed in a modern and innovative context to cater to the ever-changing needs of the modern woman and the latest fashion trends. Through its feminine, fashion-forward aesthetic and competitive price level, Margit Brandt seeks to show the wearer that fashion is not a luxury and quality is not a privilege.”

It’s not often that a brand this old keeps their youth. And to be this trendy as well I think is rare. We have gotten so used to big brands with impressive history – the likes of Chanel, Dior and Ralph Lauren – that we forget the norm. This collection is very sporty and young. And may I say, Amazing shoes! I’m not fan of the “wet hair -look” so let’s leave that there. The natural color scheme is much more easier and flattering than the alternative bright color palette.

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“NOIR is designing collections for both the consumer’s fashion and social conscience by creating meaningfulness in the luxury segment.

Today, emphasis is on fashion that carries a greater and deeper meaning. Clothing is more than protection against the weather; it is a means of establishing the personal identity that is presented to the world. In a world where we often take and seldom give NOIR is aimed at both the fashion and social conscience of the consumer, who can thus endorse consumption and give a little back to the world by purchasing clothing that supports sustainable business processes in the Third World.

In 2008 NOIR launched its first second line, named BLLACK NOIR. BLLACK NOIR is a diffusion line which echoes NOIR’s sexy and sustainable stance on style, designed to appeal to a younger market and inspired by rock chicks from different decades.

“We want to be known as the first brand to bring sophistication and sexiness to corporate social responsibility,” says Peter Ingwersen, the founder of NOIR.Illuminati II.”

No matter what they say, I wouldn’t wear these to the office. But on a night out it’s a different thing. The collection is very sexy, revealing, arty and feminine. I do like the collection is very beautiful and has almost an fairy air in it. I watched this show as a video also and I must say. That was beautiful.

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“Since the onset of the Noughties, Peter Jensen has carved out a reputation as a designer whose impeccably produced creations thread together mischievous humour and a celebratory approach to individuality, with an impressive attention to detail and lightness of touch. This approach is clearly apparent within his designs for both men and women – the results of which always deftly remain on the wearable side of unconventional.

Based in London, though originally hailing from Logstor, Denmark, Jensen initially launched his eponymous menswear line immediately after graduating – with a Distinction – from Central Saint Martins, in 1999. This, along with his prior training in the various disciplines of graphic design, embroidery and tailoring, has consistently enabled his work to be as technically adept as it is inspired and original.

Following his menswear debut on the Paris official show schedule, back in 2000, Jensen duly unveiled a womenswear line, too, and both collections have since been shown to much acclaim each season at London Fashion Week. High profile devotees of his aesthetic now include pop sensations Amy Winehouse, Rhianna, Nina Persson from The Cardigans, The Zutons’ Abi Harding, Joanna Newsom and Martha Wainwright , not to mention famous actresses including Rachel Bilson, Lindsay Lohan, Dakota Fanning and Maggie Gyllenhaal. (Incidentally, legendary film maker John Waters has also declared his admiration for Jensen’s work, in the past and pieces from his SS08 collection “Mink” are now included in the John Waters Archive at Wesleyan University).

While Jensen’s collections are wide reaching, in terms of their sources of inspiration, it is evident that each of his designs – for men or women – proudly asserts itself as a stand-alone piece, even when divorced from the context of the collection in its entirety. Regarding the womenswear, specifically, what unifies these pieces, to some extent, is that each collection arrives with a moniker that references a famous or infamous woman whose style, spirit and attitude – however wayward, wonderful or weird – particularly appeals to the designer. Hence, in previous seasons, Jensen’s ‘muses’ have wildly ranged from the bird-like Sissy Spacek, or identity-teasing New York artist Cindy Sherman, to the magisterial Helena Rubinstein, or thoroughly disgraced Olympic ice-skater Tonya Harding (the latter even inspiring Jensen to present the collection at an ice rink, as a tongue in cheek tribute to her notorious antics).”

While filling in the labels I was stunned that I didn’t have anything of his already here on my blog. So finally now I have it. The collection is very individual, brave and colorful. Not for everyone, you need balls to wear these out on the streets, but if you got them it looks damn good. I think the school girl styling is adorable with the knee socks and everything. Very cute!

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“Traversing a universe of deep blacks and inky blues, punctured by heavily saturated reds and plums the collection is a lustrous and mature step forward for Stine Goya. The rich palette plays across dusty silks and sensual wools in a slim silhouette , dominated by rigid tailoring and sharp contours, sporadically softened by the intermixing of drapery and humorous detail.

Also breaking with the austere tailoring and mono-chromatics, is the ongoing inclusion of dramatic and iconic prints which play a central role in defining the character of the collection as a whole. Drawing on the overly staged and embellished nature of drags, street theatre and and the victorian circus, they en-capture the atmosphere of corrupted splendor that has been an underlying inspiration for the creative expression this season.”

Isn’t this collection sweet sweet sweet? I love the flowers in the hair, I love the subtle prints, I love the golds, I love how up to date and trendy the collection is. Nothing boring, nothing ugly and definitely nothing old. I’d love to see Chloé Sevigny wearing some of these, I think her blond look would go so lovely with the jumpsuit for an example.

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“Stylein loves the female body and combines the contrasts of a feminine soft image with a more edgy and rock inspired image. In the world of Stylein, these contrasts form a perfect harmony.

All designs are inspired by the energies of life, which gives Stylein its unique expression – always with beautiful lines and rare details. Stylein’s vision is to bring out the inner beauty from the woman who wears its garments, allowing her to fully express her individual personality and femininity. She should easily be able to dress up or go for a more casual look, but always in Stylein.

Stylein is a Swedish fashion company, launched in 2001 by founder and chief designer Elin Nyström, while she lived in New York City. Elin showed her first handmade collection in 2001, whilst studying at Fashion Institute of Technology (F.I.T.) in New York.

After returning to her native country of Sweden in 2002, Stylein expanded and is today based in her hometown Gothenburg on the west coast of Sweden – this is also the home of Stylein’s official concept store.”

I love Stylein. Right now I am at their online store looking through their sales (affordable for students as well -honestly!) and I am telling you. Here’s a talent. I love love love their clean lines, the easy colors, the shoes. There’s just something very “easy chic” and elegant in these looks I think. My favorite from today!



I am sorry if some of you can’t see my pictures properly. I am trying me best to solve that problem. It’s not a easy one as I want my pictures big. So if you got any suggestions, please tell me!

Which collection would you wear?

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  1. Oh my, I don't even think I can pick which one is my favourite!And yes – would love to exchange links, have popped yyou up on my blog now x

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