fashion week, runway, spring/summer 2011

Copenhagen Fashion week Day 3

“Malene Birger continues to surprise and seduce her global arena of fashion fans addicted to her high-end, designer brand. Her prêt-a-porter line is a classic angle on elegance expressed with edgy, sexy sophistication. A look that echoes style icons from the past – in the present.

The recipient of numerous awards, including Brand of the Year elected by Costume Norway, Malene is proud to be chosen as an Ambassador to UNICEF Denmark, creating a special t-shirt and a bag each season where all the proceeds are donated to children in the world – in need.

BY MALENE BIRGER’s stunning boutique in Copenhagen central is where you’ll also find her accessories – an array of adornments, a sumptuous shoe collection, a luxurious line of bags and alluring eyewear.”

Malene Birger is one of my long time lovers. I have fallen in love with them season after season and this one delivers just as well as the ones before it. Malene Birger’s finest thing is that they are practical and flatter women in every age and shape. This collection just as well.

“Describing itself as an art brand rather than a fashion label, finnish IVANAhelsinki loves defying sartorial conventions. With animal-prints, wool dresses, and eco-friendly production methods, IVANAhelsinki’s womenswear is based on designer Paula Ivana Suhonen’s dark yet girly powers of imagination.”

IVANAhelsinki is known for their prints, dresses and arty touch. So that means dresses, dresses, dresses and yes, dresses. Gorgeous, huh?

Elie Saab, may I say? These are few of the most beautiful things I’ve ever seen. That wedding gown looks like it should get it’s own show. All very luxurious, beautiful, feminine and attention gathering. All of them also definitely red carpet worthy.

“Stockholm-based Minimarket consists of three sisters who love mashing up sex and sophistication for your viewing pleasure. Fairytales and magic go hand-in-hand with cosmopolitan finesse in their highly innovative womenswear collections.”

This might have been my least favorite show of the day. But as Minimarket seems to me so trendy and hip these days I felt I wanted to show it to you guys, as I’m sure some of you will like it. The collection is very strong and bold. Lots of bold prints and black. Maybe not so summery -but definitely eye catching.

“A perfect mixture of the confident fashion attitude from S´nob and the sharp elegant and feminine style being Noblesse, we now welcome S´nob de Noblesse.

Taken only the very best from the two universes and flowing it into the result of an even stronger and more edgy fashion brand we now present the SS 11 collection.”

Don’t they have just the best name ever? I adore the Erdem like prints -very futuristic, girly and strong at the same time. I really adore the cocktail dress alone at first row, isn’t it wonderful? The garments where the silk looks like it would have been painted on with watercolors are also so beautiful! Very modern and feminine. Just something I wish I would be wearing next summer!

There were lots of swimwear in this collection! Finally! I was getting to think I wouldn’t see any during this fashion week. The nudes and the ultra simple shapes look really fresh to my eye and the light cardigans with the swimwear looks just like a brilliant idea! Though I will not be sporting the shorts even during the next summer -at least I think I won’t – In these looks they are looking quite matter-of-fact.

(Source for all of the photos used:

“The subtle elegance of Wackerhaus.

Wackerhaus has since her debut on to the Danish fashion scene in 2003 become a favorite among a new generation of young, Danish designers. With an understated, feminine look Wackerhaus succeeds in delivering a clean and cohesive look, which on one hand expresses a certain masculinity and on the other a fragile and feminine side of contemporary women’s fashion.

Wackerhaus makes women’s collections with a high level of elegance and just the right amount of nonchelance.

The dark and subtle colour palette fits perfectly with the idea of a perfectly modest and flawless style, but is at the same time a lovely canvas for colourfull excesses.”

Aren’t these cute looks! The whole collection looked a lot like something Chloé or Stella McCartney could show us, but with totally different colors. All in all very much like something I’d be interested with, if I could get my hands on it -and if I ca afford it, who knows?

Th silhouettes are quite much like the ones we’ve been seeing lately. But the cuts of the clothes have a new twist in them. For an example there is attention to the shoulders, but the attention isn’t the same kind as we are now used to seen. The question is, are shoulder pads going away already?



Any favorites?

Because of the problem with seeing the images I now used blogger to upload them. I do not like the small size of them, but I don’t know what else to use. 

12 thoughts on “Copenhagen Fashion week Day 3

  1. Wow, so much talent! My favorites are the first and last collections.. Thanks for sharing :) xx

  2. As always, Malene Birger never disappoints me. And I love Veronica's collection as much as I loved the last one.htttp://

  3. WOW.. I am loving those pictures..Great taste in picking a few outfits and post on your blog..thanks for showing us this fashion heaven show.LOx

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