fashion week, runway, spring/summer 2011

Stockholm Fashion week SS11 Part 2

What a fairy-beautiful collection, don’t you think? All the lace and tulle make the collection very dreamy and princess-y like. Something all us girls secretly love. But with the bold prints, overalls and sequins there are clear and bold marks of influences from the 70s. It’s a decade I usually do not enjoy of, but the way it’s showed in here I like it quite nice.

What earthy tones! What a hippy feeling! Looks like a sunrise! That’s what’s in my mind when I look at this collection. I think the loose fits are quite beautiful. and the subtle prints are really lovely. I don’t really like these colors they look quite nice here.

The first two looks are super impressive. So though the rest of the collection isn’t all that marvelous I like it anyhow. The swimsuit part specially. The loose top -look and the trench- looks are both something I really could imagine myself wearing.

Could it be more feminine or girly? Not much. All the ruffles and pinks and whites are very much like the clothes that my mom used to put on me as I was a little kid -before the school age. And maybe because of that and maybe just because, I really like it. The pink overall are such a fantastic and cute look that I love it that it’s made just like that. And the white-khaki dress is such a office suitable outfit that I feel as if in love.


Not the best setup for the show with all the smoke but I think that only for the case of photographs. Live it must have been gorgeous! I like the graphic print, though I feel as if I would have seen the same print thousand times.. I really like the pieces on the first row. They seem more original and fresh. It’s a real shame the smoke is so much present on the second picture. But the little that I can see I think the detailing is just lovely.



Which of these is most your style? The 70s princess, The earthy modern hippie, The casual sporty chic, The girly girl or The simple graphic ?

9 thoughts on “Stockholm Fashion week SS11 Part 2

  1. The Lexington one is definitely my style, it's so chic and very young, I love it. I'm also in love with the Mayla collection; it's so sophisticated and fresh. Great post!

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