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I saw this bag for the first time when I was in Paris in early spring 2009. It’s the Louis Vuitton Limited edition Speedy Roses. And I am so in love. Obviously it’s not available anywhere anymore. And on ebay it’s at least a $1000. So I am left to love it from a distance.

But still, it’s one of the most beautiful things ever. The funny thing is before I never knew myself to be a Louis Vuitton Speedy girl. Not before I saw my current one on sale at ebay. Since I’ve wanted more and more. “Before” I had these stereotypes of girls with LV Speedy. The messed up image caused by all the teens with their fake bags. 

Is there anyones else out there who has experienced “the lightening”?



5 thoughts on “Cravings…

  1. that vuitton is absolutely gorgeous!thankyou for the comment on my blog :)i've got a new blog post up please come and check it out and tell me what you think :)XOXO,

  2. -S says:

    Maybe a new member in our family? :D I adore it too – and I love that you love Louis with me! :)) ps. Maybe after xmas I can afford to buy me a new baby! so happy!

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