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January Jones – Emmys

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Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us
I don’t watch Mad Med. And though I had seen January Jones on some blogs I hadn’t really noticed her that much. But as this years Emmys red carpet looked  amazing I couldn’t almost breathe when I saw her Versace Atelier gown. I am not kidding when I say I’d give away my love to spend a day in that dress. So I had to google her -you know we all google everyone we like- and I have to admit that I am surprised I didn’t notice her dress the year before. As I learned that one was Versace as well I knew I was onto something.
I am not a fan of Versace, of course it is an amazing fashion house, but somehow I haven’t gotten over Donatella -yes, still after all these years. But I can admit that if there is one fashion house that makes women look gorgeous, sexy and just amazing on the red carpet it’s Versace. And to have connections (who’s her stylist?) to get Versace Atelier is beyond great.
In the 2010 look I am partly so in love as she looks so fresh and herself -yes I have no idea who she is. But if that glow is out of a bottle.. well, I got to get the name of it! Also as blue is my favorite color I love to see it on the red carpet -it doesn’t end up happily most of the time. I adore the material as I know how difficult it is to work on something with even a stretch on it, I know that material like that takes a serious professional.





16 thoughts on “January Jones – Emmys

  1. She is insanely gorgeous…even if she is the WORST character on Mad Men. Seriously, Betty Draper is like a pissy wet rag. I loved her dress too though. One has to believe she's got a taste for avant garde fashion if she has the balls to wear something like that.

  2. S says:

    January Jones is so breathtaking. If you watch Mad Men, she literally looks beautiful in every scene.Both of the gowns in 2009 and 2010 are amazing, but the gown this year is such a fantastic colour! Officially best dress of Emmys!Shttp://notjustmedical.wordpress.com

  3. January Jones is it? well the woman in the first photo looks absolutely amazing! Such a lovely dress, its so so so so so pretty!thankyou for the comment on my blog :)XOXO, BECCAwww.fashion-train.co.uk

  4. She did look absolutely stunning, didn't she? Such a natural beauty.Oh you should watch Mad Men! It's brilliant!Romanyxx

  5. the dress is unbelievable.. truly! and her perfect skin and fresh hairdo really compliment the whole look! really do love this one!

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