Campaign, fall/winter 10/11

Kittens and naked lady

Free Image Hosting at
Free Image Hosting at
Fashion Gone Rogue
Bulgari Fall 2010 campaign
Photoographed by Mert & Marcus
Model: Julianne Moore and a pair of lion cubs

I think this campaign is so sexy. I love the fact that older women are getting big campaigns like this, what I don’t like is that they’re being photoshopped into looking like 20-year-olds. They’re not ment to look like that. And by the crazy photoshop mania the press is just increasing the pressure on women to dress, look, be younger on the outside than what they are on the inside. I think the lived years should be carried with proud. Not shame.



Happy Birthday Granddad!



10 thoughts on “Kittens and naked lady

  1. Heha, kittens you say, those are lion cubs, and soon they would not like to be handled like that. Great pics though, beautiful lady, and I fully agree with you on the photoshop theory.Thanks for sharing.Colin.

  2. I think it looks really sexy and those lion cubs are so adorable! I agree with you on photoshopping…it's out of control and magazines should really limit their use.

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