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The Emmys 2010

Anna Paquin
I just adore her. This look of her has gotten some raw critics, but I think many have forgotten how brave it was from an ordinary girl like her to wear such a dramatic piece from Alexander McQueen. It is difficult to carry out, but I think she managed it considering well. The styling is just the right, with the black patent heels, simple high updo and some nice bangles in her writs go great with the dress.
Christina Hendricks
Once again I have no idea who I am judging here, if I remember right she’s from Mad men? We talked about this dress – a lot- with my girlfriends, and not in the positive way. Yes, the dress is absolutely heavenly, but does it flatter her, in a way it should? no. I don’t think the meaning of the dress was ment to look like she was drowning on her breasts. And all the layering and draping in the body just makes it worst. It doesn’t make her look beautiful in the way that would be easy to look at, more like confusing.
Claire Danes
She’s such a dreamy dresser. I just adore this dress. The material, the cut, the sparkle. It all suits her so well. And to have that dress on when she got the Emmy, is just the most amazing luck. She was amazing up there. No other words for this. Perfection.
Emily Blunt
This gown is such a wonderful and peaceful piece. I adore the light hue, it comes out so much better here than in the Christina Hendricks’ dress. The detailing is subtle, yet luxurious and I’ll give her extra points for the nail polis and the one shoulder -thing. Makes it stand out much better.
Eva Longoria
She’s not the most fashion forward people, but she usually picks the right things to look absolutely amazing on the red carpet. I love this gown quite much, but the way the bustier is cut is wrong in somehow. Though the dress is clearly fitted just for her the horizontal lines on the mid hips and just above the waist are wrong. One placed on top of waist would have worked miracles, but the two both so wrong and plus that also creating the little belly in between each other is not charming. But I do have to admit that I love the mermaid style and the train. Also the material of the skirt part is absolutely wonderful. Roses are the best.
Jayma Mays
I don’t know who she is, but she looks a bit like a rookie on the runway. The dress is lovely -that’s why she’s on the list, but it is a bit boring, a bit like a prom dress. Her colors look lovely -even more if the red’s a real one. And I’d love to see her try something more colorful -it is still summer -almost at least. The navy blue gives quite a harsh contrast to her fair skin and all the draping makes it look a bit heavy and winter-y.
Lauren Graham
I am a Gilmore Girl fanatic. That explains why Lauren’s on this list. I think her dress is nice, but also that is could have been better. Black and white is always a classic and I love the modern cut of the dress. I do, though, think that the cleft is too high and her shoes are all wrong. With such a complicated cut the cleft would be better at just knee high and the shoes should be just the ordinary pumps. Now when there is so much happening both up and low you just don’t know where to look.
Maria Menounos
She is another mystery to me. But her dress again -this much I remember- is gorgeous. Not many women can pull of this kind of a cut at the waist, but she looks anything but too fat / skinny for the dress. I love the embroidery. It is always something where even an amateur can spot quality from a fake. And this kind a art piece takes time.
Nina Dobrev
Someone young and gorgeous like her don’t need much to look amazing. The fabric looks a bit heavy for a daytime event (am I even correct here?). But it is made so wonderfully that I am going to ignore it. She looks like a golden mirage.
Tina Fey
I just saw Date night, and she’s funny! I love the idea of this dress, having the lining and the embroidery made pop up on it. But the print does not do the trick to me. What is it trying to be? hieroglyphs? alien writing? To the romantic and feminine look of the dress a light and maybe even a bit antiquated print would have worked so much better.
Heidi Klum
I love Heidi for showing off her legs. They are killers! The dress is wonderful, the heels match perfectly and it is kept at simple -where it should be. I do think the necklace doesn’t match as well as it should have. It is beautiful, but completely unessential to the rest of the outfit.
Who are your favorites?



8 thoughts on “The Emmys 2010

  1. I was a bit skeptical on the length on Anna Paquin's dress but the statement McQueen shoulders and the whole detailing really suit her golden hair. It's actually rather pleasing to see an everyday girl transform into such a incredible beauty by the use of a dress. The power of McQueen, RIP.I'm gonna disagree on Jayma Mays dress. She is an actress on GLEE I believe? I think the fact that she went for a navy blue dress helps her lovely red hair pop and gives her such vibrance. She could have probably been a bit more risky and gone for something a bit more elegant but the way the whole dress falls down is not only delightful but almost waterfall like.I really enjoyed commenting your post!

  2. Totally agree with your assessments; very well-argued, darling! My favorite of this bunch was Heidi… A bold and daring choice and she really pulled it off!xoxox,CC

  3. Hi Juliet, being a man who prefers to see good legs instead of a piece or material, I will definitely vote for Heidi, but I guess that is from a totally different perspective than your opinions. :-) However, I do agree with your judgment on the other garments. I also do not know much about them, except Tina Fey, whom I think should have followed Heidi's example of a shorter dress as she also has amazingly sexy legs. And I believe, if you've got it, flaunt it. Specially seeing that it was apparently a daytime event. Am I wrong when I think that long dresses are more an evening kinda dress….Anyway, you did a great job analyzing and describing the dresses. Great post.Thanks for your kind words on my last post, I really appreciate your opinion and input. I also fully agree with you on your mindset. Have a lovely day.Colin.

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